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Ass Armor™ was pioneered in 2013 from an essential necessity to protect one’s “assets.” Finding freedom on the slopes of Aspen, Founder & President, Casey Scherr was a novice snowboarder who (like most early boarders) couldn’t keep her cheeks off the Rockies. When the snowboarding injury rate is almost double of skiing and a quarter of all injuries occur to first-time riders – the market was ripe for resolution.

After a fruitless quest to find true protection at any board shop or online retailer, Scherr decided to take matters into her own hands. Armed with the knowledge of all other foam and plastic product failures, she turned to D3O® – a groundbreaking impact protection solutions company based in the UK. This market changing technology is used to produce a shock absorbing material that can be found in a range of products worldwide including SixSixOne mountain bike knee pads, All-Star baseball gear, Schutt Sports helmets, as well as blunt impact trauma protection for law enforcement and military.

The revolutionary Ass Armor™ provides the most innovative and aggressive tailbone protection short on the market. Scherr’s creation provides adrenaline junkies, no matter the skill level, the confidence to check their inhibitions and take on any adventure without the prevailing fear of busting their backside.